The Journey

For the women who don’t talk about the battles but are scarred from the fights. The women who rose again and again until one day, like air they rose high enough to keep going. To the women who took the road less traveled…. moms, daughters, lovers, learners United we stand and together we rise.

I’m a new mom, in a new life, blessed in a new love learning how to adult a decade later than most. I’ve overcome addiction, violence, loss, homelessness, abusive relationships of every kind, the loss of a child and stole every shred of calm and peace from the lives of the ones I loved. None of that made me strong. Strength came when I had nothing left to give. The cement floor of a jail to the private jets of my childhood my fall from the very top to the very bottom was a long one. It cost me family, friends, opportunities, self worth, happiness and motherhood.

You’re not alone in your imperfections and faulty choices. You’re not alone in a life littered with ashes of the bridges you burned. We step over bodies we’ll never get back, and fight fiercely for those that we might. We survive. It’s not until after that, far down the road we gain enough courage not to die from our mistakes but live for our futures. Be brave enough to accept happiness and second chances. This is my second chapter, maybe it can help you believe in yours.

Light up the night with stars wild one. One day your smile may save someone’s life- ॐ


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